Forbidden Pleasure versus Allowed Violence!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


Why are sexual images forbidden? Why is writing graphic stories about the pleasures our bodies give us, and one another, frowned upon?

Why are images of people’s bodies being blown up, attacked, murdered shown on News bulletins? Why do we have this apparently insatiable appetite for watching true-life murders re-enacted upon the Goggle-Box? Why do we slow our cars down in order to see the wounded victims of serious RTAs?

Why is it that footage of IED-ripped limbs and pools of blood is, in some way, more acceptable, less forbidden, than a couple enjoying the way their living aroused bodies fit together in love and lust?

The word ‘forbidden‘ means ‘not allowed; banned…’

Very often the act of forbidding something is done on (to me, spurious) religious grounds, or in the interests of public decency and the protection of minors.

Without wishing to get into a huge…

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