Thai Soapy Massage

Bom Bang

Walk in, look at the selection of girls, the girls are numbered. Tell Papasan or Mamasan which girl you would like or just the number of the girl and how much, usually the younger attractive girls will cost you more. Go pay at the counter and follow the chosen girl upstairs. The cost will be around 2000 baht/up for almost 2 hours of Bathing+Nude-Body-Massage+Happy ending.Body-Massage recommendation: One you arrive in Thailand after a long flight. Don’t waste time taking a shower in your hotel. Head to the Body massage and let a sexy Thai, wash you up 🙂 and enjoy being a king during your stay in the Land of Smiles!

1- Washing/Bathing in the bathtub with extra “Sexy” set of hands.


2- Body nude-massage on the soapy air mattress.


3- Rinse that soap and jump in the bed for that Happy F-ending.


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